Who is Astoria Media Group?

Astoria Media Group is a digital marketing agency, headquartered in Abilene, TX. Our team of creatives, strategists, and marketers are passionate about building an online presence for your business. We offer all the services you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace including content marketing, social media advertising, SEO services, product marketing and content creation.

We founded Astoria Media Group to help businesses navigate the often murky, treacherous waters of digital marketing.

Astoria, like "The Goonies"?

Our namesake is an hommage to the small town on the coast of Oregon. Birthplace of nearly 300 films and home to "The Goonies", Astoria is often a beacon for pop culture. However, the geographic location and entrepreneurial spirit of a sea Captain from Norfolk, Virginia is what decided the fate of our company's name.

Astoria sits on the western edge of United States watching over the shifting sandbars where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. These waters were once the most dangerous in the world. Resulting in more shipwrecks than anywhere on the entire globe. A Captain by the name of George Flavel would go on to chart the waters and consult for shipping companies hoping to move their barges through the dangerous waters.

Digital Marketing can be Treacherous Waters

It was this analogy that would grow to inspire our own narrative. Managing multiple independent projects we found a paradigm of effective digital marketing that would account for campaign design, content creation, technology integration, and distribution management without compromise.

In our early days we worked with numerous cloud integrators in Washington DC. These integrators were often 'Partners' of cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Working with these companies meant AMG was responsible for managing the production and marketing of webinars.

From humble beginnings...

This small niche began to grow; our abilities in automation grew as well. With this new found focus in the company, Astoria Media Group was able to lead one of the top HVAC companies in the nation through large projects focussed on integrating technology to increase operational efficiency.

Fast forward to 2021 and we find ourselves right in the middle of the Key City. And although our narrative of Captain Flavel will always be a foundation of inspiration, it is the local business community right here in Abilene, Texas that acts as our guiding force in 2022! Regardless of whether you call Abilene home or not, we would love to discuss how we can make all your wildest digital marketing dreams a reality (Vote for Pedro).

Meet The Team @ AMG

Justin R. Schuback

Creative Partner

Co-founder and Creative Partner with a decade of digital marketing experience and the technical chops to deliver only the most personalized voyage with Astoria Media Group. 


[email protected]

James O'leary

Expansion Partner

Co-founder and expansion partner who is driven by the idea that a successful journey is one taken together. His vision for Astoria Media Group is one filled with true, lifelong partnerships.


[email protected]

Gosia Melton

Director of Content

With a passion for growing new businesses, Astoria Media Group's Director of Content leads both local business development as well as content marketing efforts in the Abilene area. 


[email protected]