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A New Career in Tech: You Can Do It with Nucamp

At Nucamp, our goal is to help all aspiring career shifters currently left out of the digital economy find a job in software development.

Nucamp: The Affordable Coding Bootcamp

Nucamp graduate shares how Nucamp's affordable coding bootcamp payment options gave her a risk-free way to see if a career switch was right for her.

Nucamp Student Portfolio Project: JudgeAI

Ian Losch
Front End Web + Mobile Development

Nucamp Open House & Live QA w/ Ludo and Drew

Nucamp's hosted an open house and live Q&A to answer your questions about coding, bootcamps, and more.
Justin Schuback Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

About the Presenter

At the helm of this initiative is Justin R. Schuback, a seasoned web development evangelist and the CEO of Astoria Media Group.

Now a grad student at Abilene Christian University, Justin brings his passion for coding and teaching to the forefront of our initiative. His mission is to empower the next generation of web developers with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

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