Client success is at the forefront of all we do and it all starts with a proper technical foundation. That is why we offer the most competitive rates for website hosting at only:
$49.99/mo.Click Here to Start Today!

What you can expect:

  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Purchase & Management
  • DNS Hosting & Management
  • SSL Purchase & Management
  • Site Migration Services
  • Cloud Development & Staging
  • Custom Contact Form or Sales Funnel
  • Monthly Growth Consultation


    A website is only as good as its content. By curtailing a content strategy using researched keywords we have repeatedly grown organic traffic for clients across the nation. You can achieve similar results for only
    $200/articleClick Here to Start Today!

    What you can expect:

    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Keyword Matrix
    • Editorial Calendar
      • $1,000/mo: 2 articles, 1-3 keywords
      • $1,200/mo: 4 articles, 4-8 keywords
      • $1,600/mo: 8 articles, 9-15 keywords


      Our social media services allow clients to bring their content strategy full circle. Without advertising spend your social content is only reaching a fraction of your audience. That is why we include monthly ad spend quotas up to:
      $750/mo.Click Here to Start Today!

      What you can expect:

      • Social Platform Administration
        • Meta (Facebook & Instagram)
      • Current Status Refinement
      • Editorial Calendar
        • $750/mo: 4 posts, 2 ads
          • Ad Spend Quota: $250/mo.
        • $1,500/mo: 10 posts, 4 ads
          • Ad Spend Quota: $500/mo.
        • $2,000/mo: 12 posts, 6 ads
          • Ad Spend Quota: $750/mo.

        It starts with

        Our commitment and dedication to competitor analysis, keyword targeting best practices, and creative growth opportunities drives our standards of practice.


        Keyword Matrix

        Our goal is to drive sales for our clients. The best way to do that is to understand their current digital standing and where they want to grow.

        Our data-backed thought leadership coupled with conservative adherence to best practices provide a content strategy pinpointed on the areas that matter.

        Throughout the research process we actively gather relevant, attainable keywords to create a keyword matrix for each of our clients.

        This keyword matrix is a live working document shared with each client that acts as the foundation of our content strategy and subsequently nearly everything we deliver to a client.


        Editorial Calendar

        Once the keyword matrix is established we immediately kickoff creating the content.

        Based on a cadence of your choosing we will create keyword saturated articles for distribution on your website. Each of these articles is specifically written on the intention of moving your SEO rankings.

        Each content deliverable will come with both and creative.

        With a site hosted by Astoria Media Group we also include the distribution services at no additional charge. That means that you don't have to eat up time in your day editing, formatting, and posting. We take care of that for you.


        Distribution and Advertising

        Now that the forensic research has been done, the keyword matrix created, and the editorial calendar has been filled we are ready to begin regular publication through your site's articles or blog page.

        With each copy and creative published your site continues to build its targeted list of pertinent keyword rankings.

        This strategy alone usually garners organic traction.

        However, with a paid advertising strategy via Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising your investment in content creation can see even more effective results.


        At AMG client success is one of our highest priorities. That is why we offer all the necessary services to get your company established online quickly!
        Web Services


        In the digital ecosystem companies receive data from many sources. We deliver unmatched results in data interpretation and visualization.
        SEO Services
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        Are you looking truly grow your online presence? One of the best ways to do so is to diversify your available mediums and platforms for your content. We achieve this by branching our content strategies to include commercial video production, outdoor advertising design, and product modeling & showcasing.

        Multimedia can be an excellent way to engage your audience. But knowing how to match the content with your audience segments can be daunting. Reviewing its effectiveness in your marketing plan only adds to the workload.

        At Astoria Media Group, we can cover all the aspects of your next multimedia project. From research and planning, to editing and producing, we have the experience it takes to deliver a stellar performance.

        App vs. Website

        It seems like everyone is talking about apps and websites, but what exactly is the difference? Apps and websites are two very different components of the internet that we often use interchangeably even though they serve many different purposes.  But first, here are a few stats from the past decade.
        (Source: https://www.oberlo.com/statistics/mobile-internet-traffic)


        Percentage of all web traffic through mobile devices:
        The year-over-year growth rate rate from 2012 through 2017 was 46%.


        Percentage of all web traffic through mobile devices:
        The year-over-year growth rate rate from 2017 through 2022 was 5%.

        At Astoria Media Group we offer both application development and website development. Let's look at the key differences.


        Apps are designed for touchscreens and optimized for different devices.

        Websites are designed to be viewed on any device with a web browser, but they are not tailored to specific devices.


        Apps are optimized for specific devices and usually faster and more responsive. 

        Websites need to be responsive to users across desktop and mobile; making it much slower.


        Apps are architected for encrypted access and transmission of secure data.

        Websites are often architected in a shared web space that increases its areas of vulnerability.


        Apps require a team of engineers making it a more costly option.

        Websites can facilitate a wide array business operations and thus costs vary based on the scope of the project.
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        Astoria Media Group provides an excellent foundation for the web design process by focussing first on content and keywords. Taking a look at the keyword matrix and editorial calendar will allow us to nest keyword saturated content into a responsive, forward-thinking design. Take a look at some of your representative clients below.

        Shane's Chimney Care

        Abilene, TX
        mobile app development


        Mimosa Walk Abilene

        Abilene, TX
        mobile app development dallas


        Deb's Pet Parlor

        Omaha, NE
        mobile app developer dallas


        API Dev &

        Digital Marketing Abilene Texas Grapgic

        Data can get messy.

        Astoria Media Group has experience in creating and visualizing data sets across most platforms, including Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Microsoft PowerBI.

        To visualize data is human, to act upon data is divine.

        By utilizing application programming interface (API), we work with our clients to streamline and automate facets of their business beyond just digital marketing and multimedia.


        The HLB

        Branding is a passion of ours, here at Astoria Media Group.

        We believe that a brand is only as strong as it narrative. What story does your company brand tell to customers?

        In today's modern world, it is imperative that every business has a memorable logo and consistent branding across websites and social media.  Branding is the cornerstone of digital marketing, whether you are in Abilene, Texas or Atlanta, Georgia.

        Not only is branding important for SEO, but its very important for your existing customers and potential customers to see consistent logo and branding everywhere your company is online. Utilizing brand guidelines created by AMG, your business will be a cut above the competition.

        We help clients like The HLB, a government consulting startup, create a narrative based brands from the ground up.

        Click below to download a sample of the brand kit Astoria Media Group!

        View Brand Kit Example


        A large number of our Abilene, Texas clients use WordPress as their preferred CMS. We have built a WordPress package that fits any project. Whether it's a simple landing page, an eCommerce store, or a subscription-based membership page, Astoria Media Group has you covered.

        Throughout our experience in the world of WordPress, we have vetted out the most functional additions to our clients' ecosystems. These are just a few of the tools we have available for your site to take advantage of.


        The Pro Wordpress Theme by Themeco, offers a wide range of usability, from beginners to experts. With this highly functional theme, the only thing easier than setting it up is building your website. 

        Learn More about Pro

        At Astoria Media Group, we believe a website is only as strong as its ability to interact with its users. That is why we deploy one of the most robust form plugins available for WordPress: Formidable Forms.

        Learn More about Formidable

        Invoicing can be burdensome and time consuming. Sliced Invoices makes creating quotes and invoices insanely simple and integrates with most payment processing platforms like Stripe and PayPal. With Sliced Invoices, get ready to get paid!   

        Learn More about Sliced Invoices

        Membership sites are becoming increasingly more popular as content becomes easier to produce and share. With Ultimate Member for Wordpress your site can easily be setup for restricted content, role customizations, and much more.

        Learn More about Ultimate Member

        Use Case:


        A local event coordinator, AirPatio Events, needed to diversify avenues of lead generation and online transaction methods.

        Without a contemporary website it can be difficult for mobile users to access your websites information and forms properly.

        Mobile users will leave an outdated user interfaces quickly and usually will not return.


        Astoria Media Group stepped in and provided a new website with a responsive design that fit the wide array of screen sizes.

        In fact, our standard number of minimum breakpoints is 5.

        Couple that with the bootstrapped form filled with instructive placeholder text to avoid wasting vertical screen space and you have one heck of a use case!

        Graphic Design by astoria Media group

        with some help from adobe creative cloud 

        Who has time for an agency that relies on passing files back and forth with a graphic artist? Our Creative Partner, Justin R. Schuback, has been producing illustrations, editing video footage, and prototyping/wire-framing for the better part of the last decade. This means, a shorter time-to-market and reduced hourly costs to our clients.   

        Adobe Illustrator Digital Marketing Abilene TexasAdobe Premiere Digital Marketing Abilene TexasAdobe InDesign Digital Marketing Abilene TexasAdobe After Effects Digital Marketing Abilene TexasAdobe Photoshop DIgital Marketing Abilene TexasAdobe XD Digital Marketing Abilene Texas

        The AMG Team

        Justin Schuback Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

        Justin R. Schuback

        Co-founder and CEO with a decade of digital marketing experience and the technical chops to deliver only the most personalized voyage with Astoria Media Group. 

        James OLeary Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

        James O'leary

        Co-founder and CRO who is driven by the idea that a successful journey is one taken together. His vision for Astoria Media Group is one filled with true, lifelong partnerships. 

        Gosia Melton Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

        Gosia Melton

        With a passion for growing new businesses, Astoria Media Group's Director of Content leads both local business development as well as content marketing efforts in the Abilene area.