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Navigating the social media landscape can be overwhelming for many brands.

Yet, it's an indispensable tool in today's digital-first world. Astoria Media Group offers unparalleled social media services that prioritize your brand's voice, ensuring it gets the recognition and engagement it deserves.

Understanding the Investment

why amg?

Why Astoria Media Group?

What company is best for social media?

The "best" is subjective and hinges on a brand's unique needs. However, a company's track record, client testimonials, and adaptability to the ever-evolving social media trends play crucial roles.

Astoria Media Group prides itself on a holistic approach, ensuring that our strategies are not just trendy but also timeless in their effectiveness.

Is it worth hiring a social media agency?

Absolutely. While in-house efforts are valuable, an agency offers specialized expertise, tools, and strategies that are often time-intensive and costly for businesses to adopt on their own.

By partnering with an agency like Astoria Media Group, brands can ensure they're always at the forefront of social media trends, driving engagement and conversions.

How do I find a good social media agency?

  • Portfolio Review: Explore past campaigns, like our collaborations with Abilene Golden Chick or Mimosa Walk, to gauge the agency's expertise.
  • Client Testimonials: Feedback from previous clients offers insights into the agency's professionalism, creativity, and efficiency.
  • Customization: A good agency understands that one size doesn't fit all. Astoria Media Group's tailored approach ensures each brand's unique voice shines through.
  • Transparency: Clear communication about strategies, results, and costs is paramount.

Representative Clients


Our Success with Abilene Golden Chick

When we embarked on our journey with Abilene Golden Chick, the challenge was clear: elevate their digital presence and translate online engagement into tangible results.

Understanding the Brand and Audience

Our first step was immersing ourselves in the essence of Abilene Golden Chick. This deep dive enabled us to understand not just the brand but also its audience's preferences, behavior, and aspirations.

Curating Resonant Content

With insights in hand, our creative team crafted content that was more than just visually appealing; it told a story, invoked emotion, and called for action. Whether it was a mouth-watering snapshot of their latest dish or a behind-the-scenes look into their kitchen, every piece of content was meticulously designed to resonate with their target demographic.

Driving Digital Traffic

Our efforts weren't limited to just crafting great content. We optimized post timings, leveraged trending hashtags, and engaged with users to ensure Abilene Golden Chick stayed at the forefront of their audience's feeds. This strategic approach led to a notable boost in their online visibility and interactions.

In essence, our partnership with Abilene Golden Chick wasn't just about numbers; it was about crafting a narrative, connecting with an audience, and showcasing the undeniable power of effective social media strategies.


Social Media Pricing

Our services encompass every facet of social media content, ensuring that your brand maintains a consistent and engaging presence across platforms. From the conceptualization of graphics to crafting compelling captions and the strategic scheduling of posts, we've got you covered.

We offer our Social Media Services in an easy-to-use modular format. Where are you in your brand's social media journey?

Consultation & Strategy Development

One-time fee of $500 includes:

1. Branding Discovery

  • Identify the fundamental beliefs and ethos that drive the brand.
  • Establish differentiators for the brand. (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Define tone and character that the brand will use to communicate.
  • Establish consistent visual elements (colors, logos, and motifs).
2. Audience Building

  • Analyze details such as age, gender, location, and occupation.
  • Understand the interests and values of the potential audience.
  • Observe patterns in how the audience interacts online.
  • Identify challenges or needs the audience faces.

3. Social Media Strategy

  • Decide which social media platforms are most effective.
  • Plan future posts, images, videos, infographics, stories, or polls.
  • Design a calendar to ensure consistent engagement.
  • Outline how the brand will interact with followers.

Account Set-Up and Optimization

One-time fee of $300/platform includes:

1. Professional Profile Setup

  • Ensure the handle/username is consistent across platforms.
  • Audit brand's meta information (location, phone, etc.) for consistency.
  • Manage user governance for administering platform. 
  • Implement strong passwords and two-factor authentication.
2. Visual Branding

  • Design and upload high-resolution logos in proper aspect ratio.
  • Create compelling and brand-consistent cover image or banner.
  • Establish a uniform color palette and design theme.
  • Use design best practices to ensure visuals are mobile-responsive.
3. Profile Descriptions & Bio Crafting

  • Summarize the brand's story and mission in a concise manner.
  • Incorporate industry-relevant keywords to make profiles discoverable.
  • Include actionable CTAs, guiding visitors to the brand's website.
  • Integrate important links to direct users to multiple important pages.

Content Creation and Posting

$750 - $3,000/platform

Social Content Starter Package: $750/mo.

  • Ideal for emerging businesses aiming to establish an online presence.
  • 2 posts/wk. (8 posts/mo.)
Social Content Growth Package: $1,500/mo.

  • Designed for growing businesses looking to expand their reach and engage a larger audience.
  • 4 posts/wk. (16 posts/mo.)

Social Content Pro Package: $3,000/mo.

  • Suited for established brands committed to maintaining a robust daily presence on social media.
  • Daily postings ensure constant engagement and an ever-present brand image.

Engagement and Community Management

$500 - $2,500/month

Social Engagement Starter Package: $500/mo.

  • 2 shares/week to the relevant community.
  • React to mentions and comments.
Social Engagement Growth Package: $1,500/mo.

  • 3 shares/week to the relevant community.
  • React to mentions and comments.
  • Pinned posts for your business aligned with the campaign.
  • Send Meta Business Invites to relevant communities.

Social Engagement Pro Package: $2,500/mo.

  • 4 shares/week to the relevant community.
  • React to mentions and comments.
  • Pinned posts for your business aligned with the campaign.
  • Send Meta Business Invites to relevant communities.
  • Responding to inbound customer messages.

In today's digital age, eye-catching graphics and compelling videos are integral to captivating an audience. Our team specializes in creating unique visuals tailored to your brand's voice and mission.

Custom Graphics and Videos

$50 - $5,000/each

Custom Graphics: $50/ea.

  • Ideal for social media posts, site banners, and promotional material.
  • High-resolution images tailored for different platforms, multiple revisions to guarantee satisfaction, and quick turnaround times.
Custom Videos: $500-$5,000/ea.

  • Ideal for product launches, tutorials, and brand stories.
  • A normal $500 video consists of short clips suitable for social media or brief product highlights.
  • Longer videos with detailed storylines, including interviews, animations, or multiple locations would normally cost between $1,000 and $2,500.
  • High-end video production up to $5,000 involves advanced animations, influencer endorsements, extensive post-production editing, and elaborate shoots.

Special Campaigns and Events


Launching a new product, holiday campaigns, or live events would have different needs and thus different pricing.

  • One piece of video content (15 seconds) edited for your desired platform
  • 5 social media posts (3 prior to event, 1 day of, 1 day after)
  • 2 event shares to the relevant community
  • $25/additional post and $15/additional share
  • Press Release included

Cost Estimator

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About the Team

At Astoria Media Group, our strength lies in our exceptional team. We're a group of passionate creators, dedicated problem solvers, and innovative thinkers who come together to provide unparalleled website services.

Our team of developers are masters in their craft, equipped with extensive technical knowledge. They bring together functionality and creativity, ensuring your website works smoothly while looking exceptional.

Our web designers blend creativity and usability, crafting visually engaging designs that also deliver an intuitive user experience. They ensure that every element on your site serves a purpose and contributes to your overall brand image.

We work together seamlessly, with one common goal: to build a website that not just meets but exceeds your expectations.

At Astoria Media Group, we believe in building websites that tell your story, engage your audience, and grow your business.

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