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Astoria Media Group is a digital marketing agency with a team of creatives, strategists, and marketers are passionate about building an online presence for your business.

We offer all the services you need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace including content marketing, social media advertising, SEO services, product marketing and content creation.


Astoria Media Group is on a steadfast mission to empower organizations with state-of-the-art go-to-market strategies.

We are your trusted guide in the ever-evolving digital landscape, focused on compressing timelines and optimizing resources.

Through strategic planning, application development, website creation, and immersive content marketing, we pave the way for success while significantly reducing project completion hours.

We understand the power of preparedness and are committed to fostering efficiency, quality, and affordability in every project we helm.


Astoria Media Group envisions a world where technology serves as the catalyst for universal progress and inclusion.

We aspire to be a world-leading media group, leveraging innovative technology to break down barriers and spark meaningful connections.

We see a future where every business, regardless of size, industry or geographic location, has equal access to powerful digital tools that can revolutionize their operations and narratives.

By facilitating inclusive digital solutions, we aim to democratize the digital space, fostering a vibrant and equitable ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Points of interest

Astoria, Oregon

Our name, Astoria Media Group, is a tribute to the charming coastal town of Astoria, Oregon.

As a cultural hotspot, Astoria has provided the backdrop for over 300 films, including the beloved classic, "The Goonies".

However, it is truly the town's geographic significance and the spirit of an entrepreneurial sea Captain that truly inspired us.

Perched on the western frontier, Astoria overlooks the juncture of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Historically, these waters are among the most treacherous globally, causing countless shipwrecks and earning it an infamous reputation.

It was here that Captain George Flavel demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial acumen. Undeterred by the dangers, he mapped these waters to provide insights to shipping companies aiming to navigate  this waterway.

Our name celebrates the spirit of perseverance embodied by Captain Flavel. Just as he charted uncertain waters, we navigate the ever-changing digital landscapes for our clients.

Providing safe passage and assured success in the world of online media.

Washington D.C.

In the beginning, we collaborated with several cloud integrators based in Washington D.C.

These integrators were often already partnered with cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

We took on the pivotal responsibility of managing the production and marketing of webinars in the cloud integration arena (primarily AWS and Azure) on topics like DevOps and Modernization.

Just as Captain Flavel charted his course, we too skillfully navigated the varied landscapes of campaign management, technology integration, and content marketing.

In doing so, we remained true to our namesake, embodying the pioneering spirit of exploration and dedication to successful voyages in the realm of digital media.

Abilene, Texas

As we journeyed through to 2021, we found ourselves nestled in the heart of the Key City.

While the adventurous narrative of Captain Flavel continues to inspire our foundational culture, it's the vibrant business communities of Abilene, Dallas, and Austin that have become our compass for 2023 and beyond!

Whether you're a fellow resident of Abilene or hail from further away, we invite you to engage in conversation about your most ambitious digital marketing dreams.

Whether it is a simple website to promote and build your brand, or it is a mobile application ready to scale in AWS; we have you covered.

Now, let's meet the people who make all this happen.

Thought Leaders

Justin Schuback

Founder & CEO
Justin Schuback Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

Co-founder and CEO with a decade of digital marketing experience and the technical chops to deliver only the most personalized voyage with Astoria Media Group. 

James O'Leary

Co-founder & CRO
James OLeary Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

Co-founder and CRO who is driven by the idea that a successful journey is one taken together. His vision for Astoria Media Group is one filled with true, lifelong partnerships. 

Gosia Melton

Gosia Melton Astoria Media Group Abilene Texas

With a passion for growing new businesses, our Director of Content leads local business development and content marketing efforts in the Abilene area. 

About the Team

At Astoria Media Group, our strength lies in our exceptional team. We're a group of passionate creators, dedicated problem solvers, and innovative thinkers who come together to provide unparalleled website services.

Our team of developers are masters in their craft, equipped with extensive technical knowledge. They bring together functionality and creativity, ensuring your website works smoothly while looking exceptional.

Our web designers blend creativity and usability, crafting visually engaging designs that also deliver an intuitive user experience. They ensure that every element on your site serves a purpose and contributes to your overall brand image.

We work together seamlessly, with one common goal: to build a website that not just meets but exceeds your expectations.

At Astoria Media Group, we believe in building websites that tell your story, engage your audience, and grow your business.

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