Justin R. Schuback

From Marketing Manager to CEO in 10 years.

My eye for efficient digital design boosted me quickly in the staffing world. Validating silos of services with full branding initiatives quickly grew into managing digital marketing automation across multiple business units for ComuGain (currently Unysis).

The technological edge to my practice took me away from CompuGain to a boutique Federal IT sub-contractor called The Goal where I worked as a Technology Integration Manager. I spearheaded all technology and digital marketing initiatives until the company was acquired by Motion Recruitment Partners (MRP).

Following that acquisition I made the decision to open up Astoria Media Group officially and take the helm as the CEO. Leading my team towards projects $250k+

Justin's overlap of communication & technology makes him a perfect fit!

Starting my career as a Computer Science major at Virginia Tech at the height of the social media boom (2002), I found that communicating with computers was easy. Communicating with those around me was far more daunting of a task. So I refocussed on something I felt I could truly grow in, professional communications.

Information Security Training

Working for CompuGain, one of our clients was the top mortgage underwriter in the nation. Our employees worked on site and required an Information Security Training (IST) as part of their contracted employment at the client site.

I was tasked with taking the content and developing a creative way of delivering the necessary information. I created a cartoon sidekick named Carl, the compliance cactus. I also shot and edited the entire video. To include green screen/chroma keying, self-taping, and the "What If" section located at the end of the training video.

"Advertising Towards Acceptance"

As part of my undergraduate work I presented many of my research projects in the form of video presentations. This is one of those videos titled "Advertising Towards Acceptance".

The subject matter circles around the role of advertising in the gradual acceptance of marginalized groups in the modern age.

My final thesis for my undergraduate studies focussed on the application of gender to video game characters and its impact on the progression of feminism in gaming.

Webinar Intro (CompuGain)

While working as the Marketing Manager at CompuGain, we expanded the company to include an entire silo of IT Solutions. Subsequently we branded the new silo of work with its own independent brand and website.

We also began producing webinars on a regular basis surrounding DevOps and Microservices (AWS). I was not the SME; however, I was responsible for broadcasting live webinars as well as pre-recorded ones.

Here is a short intro I created for one these webinars. CompuGain is now a part of Unysis.

Never stop learning

Virginia Tech - Computer Science

Before the days of Facebook and even YouTube, I was taught OOP by way of C++
A year later the same class was learning Java. It wasn't just easier; it represented a shift in the foundational inclusion efforts of the CS world.

I saw the industry as one ready to open up in a way my parents and scholastic advisors never dreamed of. So, I took my time in college to learn something new.

Old Dominion University - Accounting

The professional path of banking and accounting was not returning that feeling of growth I was looking for. So, I made one last one change in majors and finally settled on Professional Communications.

Old Dominion University - Professional Communications 

On the path towards graduating with academic distinction I used the skills I was learning to assist students at the local community college (NVCC) with tutoring them in the topics of OOP (Java I & II) as well as numerous web scripting classes.

Abilene Christian University - MA in Communication

My father was an officer in the USAF and received his masters from ACU. I found myself in the same town now with the opportunity to pursue my Master of Arts in Communication. I am currently still working towards completing this degree (1 semester taken).

Examples of Work

How to Supercharge Your Website’s SEO with AI

A short digital book I published on the use of AI to enhance your website.

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Locally Orange

A web app built as a digital deal delivery platform for local businesses.

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